The Village Gallery


Pines Village Retirement Communities, Inc. is Porter County’s only non-profit retirement community. We Celebrate Life by enriching the lives of older adults not only through the collections of art that decorate our community, but through civic engagement and participation. It is through art that Pines Village defines its individuality and embodies the spirit and creativity of its residents.

Address: 3303 Pines Village Circle, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Hours of Operation:
 Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4pm
Staff Contact: Amy Page

Public Restrooms: YES
Public Parking: 
Handicap Accessible: YES


    Robin is an oil painter, living and working in Porter County, Indiana. She does commissioned work for Red Feather Original Art LLC and is a member of South Lake Artist’s Co-op. The paintings submitted here are from a series of her husband in his various roles through life. They are a tribute to the workers of this region.

    Robin Janota | The Village Gallery | Oil on canvas paper under glass, 17.5×14.5

    Robin Janota | The Village Gallery | Oil on canvas paper under glass, 14.5×17.5


      Born in La Porte, Indiana. My first paintings exhibited at 12 plein-air in Kalamazoo. I graduated from the American Academy of Art Chicago in 1962. During military service I painted commissioned works for fellow soldiers. I married in Germany, graduated from the State University for Fine Art Kassel (M.A. in fine art and art education). After my wife’s death in 1996, I devoted my entire attention to art. Numerous exhibitions and commissioned works followed. I returned to the United States in 2007, live and work in Southwest Michigan.
      The realistic styles of Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth and the Dutch Masters with their employment of light and shadow influenced me. I paint in oil and consider myself a realist and landscape painter. My attention is especially focused on the delicate nuances of nature that are manifested in the change of light and shadow. My paintings relate the diverse moods of nature and tell a story in which painting and beholder are mutually implicated.

      Dune Magic | Ronald Stec | The Village Gallery | Oil on panel 18×24

      Amber Fields | Ronald Stec | The Village Gallery | Oil on canvas 30×30


        Phil Herrold has enjoyed all things artistic, since he was a child. Born in 1989 and raised in the cornfields of Wanatah, Indiana, is something you probably wouldn’t have guessed based on the eccentricity and flare ofhis paintings. With only a little formal training, besides college classes here or there, Phil’s natural talent has created a style that is uniquely his own. As a young artist, his next step is to begin sharing his art with the public through his online gallery, online representation, and gallery shows. Phil wants to expand his opportunity through online submissions and gallery interviews.

        Phillip Herrold | The Village Gallery | 24×48 Oil on Canvas

        Phillip Herrold | The Village Gallery | 24×48 Oil on Canvas

        Phillip Herrold | The Village Gallery | 24×48 Oil on Canvas