Address: 157 W. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday 10 am – 6pm
Thursday – Friday 10 am – 7pm
Saturday 10 am – 3pm
Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Staff Contact: Chef Joe

Public Restrooms: YES
Public Parking: 
Handicap Accessible: YES

    Meet Carol Estes


    The mind’s eye surfaces, Life As I See It. Welcome To Carol World, self taught Art Photographer and published fashion photographer and published author.

    I am a photographer, and writer of poetry and prose. I have lived in LaPorte County for over 30 years. A decade plus ago, I experienced several traumatic events. In order to heal and grieve, I picked up a digital camera, and started writing. It has changed my life, hence, the phrase “Welcome to Carol World…life as I see it!”


    Beautiful Palisade | Carol Estes | Photograph | Sage


    The Abyss | Carol Estes | Photograph | Sage


    Gradients | Carol Estes | Photograph | Sage


    Beachcomber | Carol Estes | Photograph | Sage


    Ebb and Flow | Carol Estes | Photograph | Sage

Meet Yolanda Monahan


    My art work is my get-a-way and my safe haven. I’m just a beginner so there are times when I have to step away from a frustrating painting for a day or 2 and when I come back and restart the painting that is when I get my a-ha moment.


    Sage Store Front | Yolanda Monahan | Acrylic | Sage