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Address: 505 Silhavy Road, suite 800 Valparaiso, IN 46383
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Wednesday & Thursday 11am – 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday 11am – 11pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm

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 Clint Wadsworth

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    I love the “wow” factor: something that makes my eyes pop open, my jaw drop, and my mind explode. Whether it’s a great book, a great movie, or great art in one of it’s many forms, there’s nothing like the first time you see something and all you can think is “Wow!” One exhibit I ran across was by two artists working together who used canvas as more than just a flat surface to paint on. The canvas was used in various ways to sculpt interesting “wow” pieces. It inspired me to try something different. As I admire the things people create with paper quilling, I thought I’d try to see what I could create using canvas instead of paper.

    It took me four months to achieve it. My first two pieces are abstracts, but a simple request from my granddaughter made me think of a way to do a themed picture. My son and his family were building their new home, and Grace was going to have a Paris-themed room. She asked if I could do an Eiffel Tower for her. It took months of thought of how I could achieve this, but I finally figured out a way. “The Graceful Tower” is my first attempt at this style. Thanks to Grace, I now have a whole new world of possibilities of creating beautiful art.

    The whole process combines many of the things I love to do: woodworking, painting, creating, and problem-solving. From building the box frames, preparing the canvas, and figuring out ways to achieve the result I want, every step is challenging and rewarding.

    I hope when others see my sculptures, their first reaction is “WOW!”


    Civil Harmony | Debbie Carpenter | Misbeehavin Meads | Canvas & Acrylic in a wood box frame; 36 x 60



    I create in a wide range of mediums but my true love is creating pieces from found objects that I rescue from estate sales and thrift stores. I incorporate these once-loved treasures into my paintings, sculptures, jewelry and clothing.

    I am the studio manager and education coordinator for the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst, IL


    Donna Castellanos | Misbeehavin Meads | Mixed Media 48 x 36



    Chris Guzman is a 1995 graduate of the American Academy of Art, has held the title of Official Artist to the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame in Belfast, NY since 2009, and has taught public school fine arts since 1998.

    His focus is painting portraits on odd canvases. . . his hand-painted boxing gloves have been prominently displayed in private collections of several household name celebrities, including Drew Barrymore, Mike Tyson, SLASH, and more. Guzman’s studio holds roughly 400 painted gloves that have also been autographed by the celebrity painted.

    Three years ago, Guzman also started painting directly onto the covers of vintage magazines as a way to upcycle magazines that would otherwise be tossed away. All in all, these pieces demand attention, and prints of these magazine covers have been hot sellers at comic conventions and art shows all over “the Region”.


    Chris Guzman | Misbeehavin’ Meads | EVERLAST boxing glove, acrylic paint, silver paint pen autograph of Ernie Hudson

    Chris Guzman | Misbeehavin’ Meads | EVERLAST boxing glove, acrylic paint, silver paint pen autograph of Dan Aykroyd

    Chris Guzman | Misbeehavin’ Meads | Vintage magazine, acryilic paint. . . . 9×12