Memorial Opera House


Address: 104 Indiana Ave Valparaiso, IN 46383
Hours of Operation:
 Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm | Monday, Friday, Saturday: 9am – 2am
Staff Contact: Scot MacDonald

Public Restrooms: YES
Public Parking: 
Handicap Accessible: YES



    My images are narrative-based self-portraits, focusing on issues of identity. These photographs are an examination of the female body and the self. It is my intention to unify the functioning and experiential body and the remnants of the body’s story. The body as an instrument of exploration grants a point of entry to its history, memory, and experience. Using the figure directly to make the artwork lessens the distance between the process and the completed object. Through investigating its surface and boundaries, I interrogate desire, compulsion, imagination, gender and ritual. These enactments are a way to understand an experience through the use of the body rather than the use of the mind – a physical resolution rather than an intellectual one. The purpose of the work is to use the body to describe a set of narratives, personal and historical, actual and imagined. In my photographs, I seek to interpret and reframe these narratives, in an effort to expand the dialogue that surrounds the female body.

    A Note About Process:
    This work is a large-scale cyanotype. It is a life-sized image of the body, created by using the body as a photographic negative, directly onto paper.


    Gray Lyons | Memorial Opera House | Cyanotype 44″x30″


      To paint is to explore the unknown. My inspiration comes from my life experiences combined with what I see around me. When trying to form an idea for a painting in my head something as simple as seeing a color can trigger what brings the whole thing together. My art is a personal interpretation of what I see and an expression of my state of mind. I try to capture the soul of the subject. I search to find new and fresh ways to express myself without stifling the energetic act of creating and thus bringing to life new perspectives and possibilities. The more I search the more I learn and grow as an artist and become a more enlightened person. It’s an ongoing discovery of who I am and how I view the world.

      Joyce Dille | The Memorial Opera House | Acrylic on canvas 20 x 16