Ink or Swim Tattoo


Address: 1708 E Lincolnway Suite C. Valparaiso, IN 46383
Hours of Operation:
 Tuesday – Saturday: 12am – 8pm
Staff Contact: Kerri Kello

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    As an artist, I am most drawn to alternative and antique photographic processes. I appreciate the quantity of labor and time needed to complete these types of images and I enjoy the tactile quality of the resulting work.

    In my general art practice I am interested in process, materials, and craftsmanship in conjunction with concept. I often feel compelled to represent the figure (both animal and human) in my work. These images deal with identity; they are self-portraits and they are inspired by my lifelong interest in nature and natural history. Reimagining and reinterpreting stories, magic realism, and creating tableaus are all of interest to me.

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    Daffin Park (Low Country Revisited) by Linda Lyons | Ink or Swim Tattoo | Hand-applied emulsion on metal 12×18

    Lions Diptych by Linda Lyons | Ink or Swim Tattoo | Photograph 8×12

    Canis lupus by Linda Lyons | Ink or Swim Tattoo | Hand-applied emulsion on metal 7×5

    Linda Lyons | Ink or Swim Tattoo | Hand-applied emulsion on metal 7×5



    I grew up surrounded by paint, paper and crayons always within my reach. I would doodle and draw but I also had play-doh, which started my love for making things with my hands.
    Sculpting is an escape – I do not overthink when I am working. I like being able to see all perspectives of my work, turning and moving the piece as it develops. I start with an idea, but as I sculpt and mold the clay my fingers create something that surprises even me. My piece is finished when I feel nothing more can be added to it or else it would overwhelm the design.
    I feel focused when I draw – I want to create a world that the viewer can jump into and explore. In the example piece of the “Greek gods” I took every day young men and transformed them into the powerful Poseidon, Hades and Hermes. My self-portrait brings the viewer into my world of introspection. With each drawing the challenge of figuring out how to maneuver my hand to create a realistic image is totally encompassing.
    I find myself falling into the image I created as much as I hope my viewers do.
    The following pieces on my profile are examples of my work. The pieces I will be submitting are in progress.

    Gabrielle Block | Ink or Swim Tattoo | 1′ x 9

    Gabrielle Block | Ink or Swim Tattoo | Polymer clay/acrylic paint sculpture 14×10

    Gabrielle Block | Ink or Swim Tattoo | Assemblage-Polymer clay/Papier mache/Acrylic paint 1

    Gabrielle Block | Ink and Swim Tattoo | Drawing paper and Prisma Turquois pencil/Charcoal 11 x 10.5

    Gabrielle Block | Ink or Swim Tattoo | Drawing paper and ebony pencil 1′ 6′ x 1′ 2