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Staff Contact: Elena Jambrina

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    After traveling more than 25 years to prehistoric rock art sites in the American West and viewing them with Native Americans and archeologists, I want to share my own interpretations of the art early hunter/gatherers left on stone hundreds of years ago. I often stand in silence and awe and can feel the great strength and sorrows of the people who lived on the land thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. Their spirits reach out and touch me and they communicate their lives and world view through their rock art. They are the ancestors of the land we inhabit. It brings me to a place where words can’t go, so with great love and respect, this art flows through me in a most joyful way. My art is truly inspired by the places I have been and the rock art I have experienced.

    My vision is to introduce art images created by the First Americans to people of today. I have given presentations on ancient cave art at universities in Russia, Ireland, and most recently in Austria. When Americans talk about “cave art”, they are usually referring to European pictographs. My art and slide presentations open a whole new world to most viewers. “This is here in our country?” is the most common response. When I visit these wonderful and remote ancient rock art sites, maps and compass in hand, climbing buttes, descending into canyons, dodging rattlesnakes in the desert, rock scrambling up cliffs, the adventure of it all, the admiration for early hunter gatherers and how they managed to survive and create beautiful images on the rock walls is overwhelming. When I create my art, all that I feel, experience, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, are within every piece of my art.

    Technique: Many of my works incorporate India Ink. I like the simplicity and complexity of the line and like to play with positive/negative space. Some drawings also include watercolor, colored pencils and pastel work. I also pull and “pulp paint” cotton rag , letting images emerge from the paper, creating the atmosphere and detail I experience at various rock art sites. Pulling my own paper gives an authenticity to my art. The cave artists carved and painted on natural surfaces, often using the shapes in the surface to guide their art, and when I create images on hand pulled paper, I often let the shapes from the pulp painting do the same, letting the surface speak to me.

    As so often happens in the creative process, other life experiences have taken shape in my work. Having SCUBA dived around the world, I began to incorporate aspects of my time beneath the waves into my art. A recent safari in Western Kenya inspired me to weave the colors, textures and patterns of the savannah into new pieces. I am consistently and constantly in my studio and love to exhibit my work and encourage the viewer to experience a sense of wonder and exploration.



    Family Blessings | Mixed media on pigmented cotton rag | 22×31



    Bev, a life-long resident of Northwest Indiana, has been a watercolorist since 1998. Her realistic work has been displayed in various art shows and events throughout Indiana, and is a part of private collections throughout the United States.

    As an author of inspirational writings, Bev’s book, Angels With Attitude, combines both of her talents by meshing her illustrations of the angels and the lessons for personal spiritual transformation. She is an inspiring speaker and workshop facilitator.

    Bev resides in Portage, Indiana with her husband, Jim.


    Splashing at Central Park | Watercolor | 18×22 framed


    Calla Lillies | Watercolor | 18×22 framed


    Winter Horseman | Watercolor | 18×22 framed