Barre + Beyond Boutique


Address: 3907 North Calumet Ave Suite 207 Valparaiso, In 46383
Hours of Operation:
 Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 8pm

Barre + Beyond is a boutique fitness studio specializing in Mind Over Matter Method, known as M3, a signature barre technique formulated for all stages of a female’s life. This challenging yet safe total body workout melds the best from Ballet, Pilates and Stretch Conditioning and is modifiable for all fitness levels. Set to upbeat music, each exercise series includes specialized movements coupled with complementary stretches to strengthen and sculpt the upper body, lower body and core. By targeting individual muscle groups, this unique workout not only builds strength and tone but also creates a long lean physique, a physique much desired by women of all ages.

Staff Contact: Orlee Glazer

Public Restrooms: YES
Public Parking:
Handicap Accessible: YES


    Always inspired – my main focus is portraits. Inspired by people, their expressions and emotions.

    Audrey | Andrea Dudgeon | Barre + Beyond | Black pearls on painted canvas, 30×30

    Sir Paul | Andrea Dudgeon | Barre + Beyond | Black Pearls on painted Canvas, 16×20

    Marley | Andrea Dudgeon | Barre + Beyond | Pencil on Illustration Board, 15″x20″



    “Oh, the secrets we develop while creating!” No. “The many versions of an art piece…” I can’t decide. Many times I look at artwork, movies, or structures and I get to enjoy them for a few seconds before I start imagining what the creator’s process was while developing each piece. I especially wonder what the early stages of development looked like. I think it’s because when I am creating art, the early stages are where I grow the most and where the piece changes the most dramatically. No matter how straight-forward I may think a piece is going to be, stumbling blocks, hold ups, and problems come hurtling at me at some point after I start it. Does this frustrate me? Yes. Do I start doubting myself? Yes. Does it make me want to just get up, make a glass of chocolate milk, clean the bathroom, mow the lawn, finish organizing the basement then get back to the painting later? YES! Sometimes I do need a break, but when I actually dig my heels in and keep going, I am forced to problem-solve and push past the doubt. I want to tell you that the feeling of accomplishment feels incredible when I can finally make it look right. When looking at other artist’s work, I know that person also had a direction and an idea, and they too had to change their piece due to restrictions or new ideas. Which leads me to wonder about all of the versions their piece might have been, and that what exists today is the triumphant design that earned the chance to be seen.

    I developed this technique after trying to paint an image of a foggy tree-lined street. Over eight hours later, with many layers of paint on my canvas, some spots became slick and the paint was not sticking anymore. I knew I could not revive the piece, so I just started experimenting and messing around with the extra paint I had on my palette. Feeling no pressure, knowing that I was just having fun, I was able to come up with a different way of painting. I started stacking wavy lines upon wavy lines, and interrupting sets of wavy lines with another set of wavy lines. This created an interesting texture and depth through a technique that was really fun to do. I got out a canvas board and started on the sky. From there, I had many decisions to make and still had stumbling blocks, but I knew that in order for people to see this fun technique, I not only had to finish it, but I had to be proud of it. If only everyone could see what this painting was originally envisioned to be, then saw the rough patch it went through, all the way to the minute before it was complete… All of those versions feel like a bunch of secrets!



    Carolyn McAfee | Barre + Beyond | Acrylic Paint 16×16

    Carolyn McAfee | Barre + Beyond | Acrylic on Canvas 20×16