If the artwork doesn’t go with the sofa, buy a new sofa!

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the exciting Pop-Up Valpo event that has enhanced our community.  Seeing original art works in such eclectic settings is a welcome change, and we hope that it continues to grow!  Pop-Up Valpo is evidence of a vital community that values the arts.

The selection of our award winners represents many hours of examining each piece both online and in person.  Each juror was interested in how a piece was made, seen, and valued.Demonstrated expertise with materials is always the foundation on which excellent art is built.  Effective delivery of the artist’s intended message is integral to its effectiveness.  Value in an art work is not exclusive to its assigned monetary worth, but rather relates to the message it delivers and the way the piece communicates universally at a personal level.  The message is not always pleasant, but it embodies an honest connection that is unique to every viewer.
We jurors teach art, make art, and examine art made by others all the time.  Our opinions are built on a foundation that is fortified by broad experiences in these three categories.




Deanna Ehrhardt

Deanna Ehrhardt is an artist living in Northwest Indiana.  In 1962 she was ...

Ish Muhammad

Ish Muhammad is a self-taught artist. He earned his BS in Electrical Enginee...

Janet Bloch

Janet Bloch is an artist, administrator and author. She holds a Master of Fine ...