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What is The Pop-Up, 
 A Valparaiso Art Experience?

The Pop-Up: A Valparaiso Art Experience, is a regional art competition brought to you by Valparaiso Events and The Enclave Project.

Over the course of 18 days, Valparaiso will become an artistic playground where anyone can find a form of art that inspires or spurs conversations about what art is and why it matters. Each day the community will be engaged with displays of both the visual and performing arts. Artwork from around the region will “pop-up” in neighborhood businesses for all to enjoy.  Whether you stop by for a day or all eighteen, there is sure to be dynamic events available for all ages. Each Venue is a voting station allowing you to help select the winner of the People’s Choice Award!

Its creative and diverse schedule will keep visitors anticipating what’s NEXT! It’s highly interactive and undeniably intriguing to the public.  Also, pay particular attention to the Schedule of Events where you can find other art related events happening in Valparaiso.

The Pop-Up 2017 will take place from July 20th – August 6th. Visit the map to find out the artwork locations and help us celebrate the Arts in Valparaiso.

We hope you will join us in FORGING A CREATIVE COMMUNITY!